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Fake Barclays Spam Scam

If you use Barclays online banking, beware.

There’s a spam email going round claiming to be from them. It says that due to a systems update you should log in to Barclays and reactivate your account.

The link enclosed looks genuine but will take you to the spammer’s site. The objective is to steal your password.

There’re lots of clues that the email is a fake, including strange headers and bad English. However it’s very easy just to click, hence this warning.

This is not a hoax warning about a non-existent virus! I received this evil email myself this morning. Barclays have been informed.

Why is this White Rose Relevant? Because it shows once again that the weakest part of any security system is the human factor. Over-reliance on technical “solutions” gives people a false sense of security and can make them more vulnerable.

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2 comments to Fake Barclays Spam Scam

  • andy Kennaugh

    Got one of these myself this morning 12/09. Still awaiting a reply from Barclays. Just wondering how I received it. Can someone detect I’m with Barclays or is it a random shot??


  • Shannon

    I think its just random…I say this only because I have never heard of barclays until about 2 weeks ago when I litterally received about a dozen of these fradulent email notices!