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Coming soon: China in space

There seems to be a lot more information floating about now than there was last week. The first Chinese orbital flight might come as soon as October 1st, but probably not until mid month.

You may remember I suggested the Chinese will aim for the moon within a few decades. I’m not a lone voice: here is what Space.com has to say:

Although tight-lipped on a range of technical details, Chinese space officials have hinted at a multi-pronged human spaceflight program, including space station construction, as well as eventual travel to the Moon, all by 2020.

I’ve some friends that hope to be able to offer them a hotel room with a nice Mare view by that time.

2 comments to Coming soon: China in space

  • justjim

    I woke up the other blog with the sun streaming through my blog and blinding my blog encrusted eyes. I felt like warmed over blog from too much blog the night before. I knew I needed a hot cup of blog to clear my bloged up head. So I headed for the nearest Blogbucks for a cup of hot blog. It tasted good. I could feel the blog riseing in my veins. My brain was starting to blog with the anticipation of a new day. Then common sence set in and my inner voice silently screemed ‘BLOG THIS BLOG’ and I went home, crawled back into my blog and went back to blog.

  • The Wobbly Guy

    Brute force or finesse?

    Looks like we get to find out, and humanity’s the winner.