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“The selection process was completely transparent and accountable”

Who makes the crucial decision about whether to prosecute in the first place? And who picks the person who does this? And who have they picked?

From today’s Independent:

The government was accused of “rampant cronyism” last night after a barrister from Cherie Blair’s law firm was named as the head of the Crown Prosecution Service.

Ken Macdonald, a founding member of Matrix Chambers, where the Prime Minister’s wife practises under her maiden name Cherie Booth, will become Director of Public Prosecutions in the autumn.

Doesn’t sound good, put like that, does it?

A spokeswoman for the CPS said Mr Macdonald had been appointed to the £145,000-a-year post by a panel of impartial senior civil servants and legal figures. She said: “The selection process was completely transparent and accountable. It was an open competition. The fact he comes from a distinguished chambers signals that he is a leading barrister, but the chambers he comes from had no other bearing on the appointment.”

I suppose that could be true.

2 comments to “The selection process was completely transparent and accountable”

  • I can certainly see your cause for concern, but it’s worth remembering that Matrix Chambers have challenged government policy before, which at least makes me inclined to accept that this might not be mere cronyism.

  • More likely it is the mere appearance of opposition. A list of the causes they have taken up would be instructive.