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Samizdata.net HQ reporting

All is well at the Samizdata.net HQ as one of its current inhabitants missed the blackout by a few minutes having just left the affected area. The blackout was reported to have ocurred at 18.20, halted the traffic in Central London with effects spreading as far as M25 (a beltway surrounding the London metropolitan area). I left the City, which has the post code EC1 after 17.30 and managed to avoid the traffic lights failure all the way to South West London. As far as I know there was no power failure in this part of town and everything seems fine now everywhere.

3 comments to Samizdata.net HQ reporting

  • mark holland

    The M25 was screwed anyway. My girlfriend had already phoned to tell me that she’d driven home in South West Sussex through thunder and lightning so I knew I would probably be hitting it as I made my there from Hertfordshire. Lo and behold on the A1(M) and M25 it was belting it down. It hasn’t rained for weeks and so the blacktop was slippery and slidy with a film of built up oil and diesel. In a jam from Watford* onwards it was no surprise to hear that there had been a smash at the M4 junction. Using the knowledge gained from living in West Drayton a few years back I leapt off at Rickmansworth and snuck around through Denham, Gerrards Cross, Langley, Windsor, Ascot, Bagshot, Woking and then on to Guildford where I picked up the A3 as per normal. Ah, a tour of the home counties, what could be finer on an August evening.

    *on Tuesday I saw a bloke on a Lambretta over there, on the M25! Can that be legal?

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    I thought this sort of thing only happened in backwards countries like the USofA. At least, that’s what the BBCWS would have us believe. 😉

  • Omnibus Bill

    Yeah, funny, that. We haven’t seen any man-in-the-street opinionating from London, about America’s foolish attempt to put the lights on in Baghdad when we can’t keep the lights on in New York.

    It must be Karma… and you know what the Greeks thought about Hubris.