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I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow

Sometimes, the gods of the internet just give you a gift.

A new panel charged with finding ways to make Connecticut government run more efficiently will release its report six months later than scheduled.

Yeah, I want to take advice on efficiency from these guys.

4 comments to I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow

  • sage mclaughlin


  • On the other hand, consider that its been several hundred years since that stable’s been swamped out.
    Perhaps they were trying to be thorough.

  • John J. Coupal

    The beauty of that Newsday article is the way the author earnestly describes the really bizarre efforts at “efficiency”.

    And, is oblivious to just how bizarre the description!

  • Guy Herbert

    Not as good as the Kenyan government’s approach to the fabled millenium bug. Some readers will recall the committee it set to investigate the problem was scheduled to report in April 2000.

    An example to all administrators, say I. Just make sure your terms of reference exclude your actually doing anything, and I’ll willingly find the funding for you to go away and think about it.