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How Microsoft Word is a window into your innermost thoughts

Instapundit hates Microsoft Word, because it can reveal more about you than you want revealed. It violates your privacy, you might say.

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2 comments to How Microsoft Word is a window into your innermost thoughts

  • It’s worth mentioning that this is a problem with any binary file format – insofar as you can’t really see what it contains without special tools. Text files on the other hand can be viewed in their entirety in any text editor such as Notepad. It would be prudent to only release sensitive information in a text based format, and double-check the contents in a text editor.

    Text based formats include plain text, HTML and XML. XML is used by the OpenOffice.org office suite.

  • Bill

    Go to http://www.vecdev.com/guideon.html and download
    guideon 1.1 — it removes all of those “Microsoft Word” pecker tracks.