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Police Chief Supports Erosion of Magna Carta

Sir John Stevens, head of the Metropolitan Police, has supported removing the automatic right to trial by jury in some serious cases.

In a speech he argued that the move was necessary to fight organised crime by preventing “jury nobbling”. BBC report here.

If juries are in danger then it is the job of the police to protect them – not throw out a fundamental part of our constitution because it is inconvenient and expensive.

To be fair Stevens did say that the restriction to trial by jury – proposed in Big Blunkett’s discredited Criminal “Justice” Act – should be limited to special cases and determined by a judge. However any erosion of this basic Magna Carta right is unacceptable. This proposal is akin to saying “we already know you’re guilty so we won’t give you the same rights as anyone else.”

Remember how door-to-door DNA testing was initially introduced for “special cases” only? Now any time there is a serious crime police roam the neighbourhood asking innocent citizens to “volunteer” a DNA sample.

Special cases have a tendency to become commonplace.

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1 comment to Police Chief Supports Erosion of Magna Carta

  • As if the police are actually the slightest bit interested in protecting us from criminals. No, he just wants to reduce his workload, more like.