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Beer and loathing in Afghanistan

The ubiquitous Instapundit, who is accumulating a stable of international correspondents, posts a missive from Afghanistan that is sure to remind you of why you loathe transnational progressives, their NGO tools, and all associated parasites, hangers-on, and do gooders. A juicy bit, to whet your appetite:

It’s not all monotonous or pointless in Kabul; at one French NGO housed in a stunning antique-laden chalet, I’ve devoured a seven-course meal prepared by a 4 star chef. Then there’s always the sumptuous UN House, where one can take a dip, mingle poolside among scandalous bikinis and dowse dehydration with inspired cocktails fashioned by our languid Euro masters. Unfortunately, since “American UN employee” is an oxymoron, our one attempt to storm the formidable barricades is a spectacular failure. We’re rudely turned away, despite flashing $20 bills to the Afghan UN security. My companion, a fierce Pushtoon-American licensed to pack a very visible Glock 19, glances back at the sunbathers as we’re escorted out: “We’ve paid for all this with our taxes, you bastards!”

One has to shake one’s head at the pistol-packing Pushtoon’s naivete; since when has the fact that a taxpayer funded something ever triggered appropriate feelings of gratitude and respect from our betters in government ‘service’?

11 comments to Beer and loathing in Afghanistan

  • now that is one great headline.

  • R.C. Dean

    I wish I could take credit for the headline, but it is what Instapundit (and I believe his correspondent) came up with. I couldn’t top it, so I stole it, er, made “fair use” of it.

  • R.C. Dean

    Actually, I see that the original headline at the Pundit’s place is “Beer and LOAFING in Afghanistan” I guess I was projecting a little when I changed “loafing” to “loathing.”


  • George Peery

    An understandable Freudian slip, R.C.

    What great writing! Prof Kelly should have Mark Steyn’s job.

  • Patrick Donnelly

    Great header, great article. It’s a little high speed to convert anyone, but in his defense, I’m sure I’d load up my prose cannon after seeing some of NGOs in action, too. I especially loved Instapundit’s comment re: ‘the expat life.’

  • Zathras

    This would be a great subject for a 60 Minutes piece.

  • George Peery

    This would be a great subject for a 60 Minutes piece.

    I don’t watch much TV, but I wonder if 60 Minutes would be properly motivated to take on the prissy NGO crowd.

  • Steve

    I’d like to open the books on these NGO’s and see how much of their budget actually goes to the people it helps. Not the first story I’ve heard about NGO’s setting themselves up in luxury before lowering themselve to help “the little people”.

  • No-one here by any chance seen a book on this topic from a few years back called ‘The Lords of Hunger’?

  • mad dog barker

    “We’ve paid for all this with our taxes, you bastards!”

    Err, when exactly did this “American licensed” Pashtoon every pay any bloody taxes? A faxed copy of the tax receipt will convince me…

  • SparcVark

    Easy there, Mad Dog. The article described him as a “Pashtoon-American”, which most likely means a US citizen of Pashto descent. Speaking as a proud American citizen, I can confirm that we do, indeed, pay taxes. Oodles of taxes, of which some part likely finds its way into NGO coffers to pay for extended slumming trips to the Third World to act compassionate between volleyball games.