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A few years of reprieve?

The Telegraph reports:

The introduction of identity cards is still some years away, Tony Blair indicated yesterday. Although he supported ID cards in principle, he said huge logistical and cost issues must be resolved.

In the long term it was right to move towards a system of ID cards. But it was not a quick fix for dealing with the influx of asylum seekers.

Mr Blair’s concerns are well-placed given Whitehall’s experience with less-ambitious IT projects.

The ID card is to be backed up by a “citizen’s database” on to which the details of 50 million people aged over 16 would have to be entered. The intention is to use biometric data – such as an iris recognition system – to verify a person’s identity. But this technology would be hugely expensive.

So no change of mind, just an administrative delay. In the meantime, we blog away…

2 comments to A few years of reprieve?

  • I hope this is actually the first indication that we may still see a government U-turn on the issue of ID cards, if Blair and co, for whatever reason, find themselves in some way “in touch” with public opinion on ID cards and come to appreciate the tremendous resistance Blunkett’s proposals will face in the coming year if the government refuses to at least appear to be backing down on the issue or reconsidering the nature of the proposed ID cards and accompanying central biometric information database.

  • Mark Ellott

    Tony Blair didn’t get where he is today without recognising that something was likely to blow up in his face and whether it was worth fronting out… 😉