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These are just guidelines

A gaggle of envoys from the European Union were in Washington today where President Bush presented them with a list of his demands. They are as follows:

1. Stop trying to get in my way
2. Stop being so French
3. Stop trying to pretend that you matter
4. Kiss my Texan arse
5. Do the world a favour and die.

The envoys said that they had never been so insulted. Mr.Bush told them that they should come to Washington more often.

12 comments to These are just guidelines

  • They’re bleating in the wind, again!

    How in the world can the euro-weenies claim that the extradition treaty lowers protection against violating their vaunted ‘human rights’

    … that European human rights principles have been left on one side by an unprecedented EU-US extradition treaty…

    when they already have the right of arrest and removal without warrant throughout the union.

    Got things a bit backwards, there, methinks.

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    They’re not guidelines, David. They’re directives. 🙂

  • Dishman

    I believe Rumself spoke in error when he spoke of ‘Old Europe’. Britain and Switzerland aren’t the problem. That’s the extent of the european governments that are older than the US.
    Until europeans learn to establish a government that can retain its form while adapting over the course of a century, they should keep their mouths shut.

  • No Texan uses the word “arse”. It’s “ass” or “butt”…

  • Liberty Belle

    Thank you, Steven. Also, no Texan, in this context, would have used the word “Texan”. The sentence would have been, “Y’all can kiss my Texas ass.” (“Y’all” in the context could refer to the entire EU or to the one person to whom he happened to be speaking at the time.”

  • Well Steven, I suspect David used the English spelling as British readers might find it odd that Bush was inviting people to kiss his donkey

  • Guy Herbert

    Not all of us, Perry. Some are keen students of Kevin Costner’s version of The Postman and thus completely aware of how fond Americans are of their donkeys.

  • Howard

    As basil Fawlty would say
    “It’s always bottoms with you people”


  • Howard

    As Basil Fawlty would say
    “It’s always bottoms with you people”


  • Nate

    Dishman’s right.

    I get annoyed when French people try to remind of me of how young my country is. What’s france trying now, Government v4.1?

  • Mail

    So all follow the ENGLISH Lead then. oh it is so amusing