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Cut the Bull S**t

Do you want some software that is:

    A value-added, leverageable global knowledge repository.


    Repurposeable, leading edge thoughtware that delivers results-driven value.

Then go to Bullfighter where you can download it for free. It will look at your documents and warn you if you have started talking corporate speak.

You know you need a future-proof asset that seamlessly empowers your mission critical enterprise communications.

3 comments to Cut the Bull S**t

  • JSAllison

    Do you want some software that is
    “A value-added, leverageable global knowledge repository.”
    “Repurposeable, leading edge thoughtware that delivers results-driven value.”

    omigod, that almost *makes* *sense*…I’m lost…

  • This is terrible!! Its going to put thousands of IT people out of work. Non-IT people will start to realise all the tripe they’ve been fed over the past few years. Financial departments will be looking closely at budgets. Managers will cease to have that glazed eyes look.

    How can you do such a thing!!!

  • Anything that will allow incentive-driven re-envisioneering and the web-ready stickiness of turnkey earballs is certainly worth doing.

    I’m going to go and shoot myself now for saying that.