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“There are excessive plenty of beautiful girls”

Asks b3ta.com:

Men: Like looking at pretty ladies? Like laughing at bad translations of Russian mobile phone conferences? You’re in the land of luck as this site combines both.

It certainly does. Eldar Murtazin is impressed, and Andreas Von Horn (that’s what it says) translates:

Year by year, visiting CeBIT, catch myself at idea, that they have better organization, and exhibits for the first time are shown exactly at this exhibition, instead of wandering on the world, turning in an antiquity. But there is one big advantage of the Russian exhibitions and of SvyazExpocomm as one of the most appreciable, there are excessive plenty of beautiful girls on one square meter of the area. The last year one my foreign friend after visiting the exhibition has left in prostration and has told, that knows where to look for a wife. Girls in city centre which caused the genuine interest and remarks in the excellent form, have simply ceased to exist. The friend all the rest three days has spent at the exhibition, and according to him has not been sorry at all about it.

On results of the first day has collected about 500 photos of girls from various stands, a part from them we’ll publish in this picture story. I can not give up to myself such pleasure, and the reputation needs to be supported, in fact the tradition began the last year. To try listing all photos is senseless, further are photos that have appeared by will of case beside and have pleased me.

For knowing people and visiting the exhibition not the first year, CBOSS name talks a lot about, but I beg to assume, that in the last turn about billing. However, judge, I in my turn dream to shake hands with the person, which selects girls for this company!

Ah, those wacky foreigners.


8 comments to “There are excessive plenty of beautiful girls”

  • Fred

    F*ck me.

    I go to the WRONG trade shows, it would appear.

  • phil

    This is difficult to read (or even care about) when you’ve been drinking. But the pictures are good.

  • It’s apparently a word-by-word translation from Russian to English by (from his name) a German speaker who’s not that familiar with English. Here’s the Russian version.

    Here’s their photo of the day: two girls with the wonderful new Panasonic GD55. The hands and the forearms of the one on the left, well, never mind.

  • Paul P

    Top Stuff

    Does anyone have a link to the excessive plenty of beautiful girls sharing the same square metre?

  • babelfish.altavista.com:

    “But here is character from the fantastic fairy tale, in my childhood of such it was not accurately, or this is snowy queen?!

    The boy, who dressed the mine of the times of the Second World War, to the head could be compared only on the fantasticism with these girls.”

    The text:
    “And here is the character from a fantastic fairy tale, there were no such characters in my childhood exactly, or she is snow queen?!

    By unreality, to these girls could be compared only the boy dressed on his head a mine of the Second World War times.”

    The text is more accurate than babelfish, but they use the same words and phrases in places. Perhaps he used a different version of babelfish or some other program and then cleaned it up a (small) bit.

  • You are not able to sturdily esteem my translating diligence, you cads?

  • Andreas Von Horn

    I don’t use babelfish!

  • Constructive criticism: I’m neither a professional translator nor a linguist, but I’d suggest shorter “Dick and Jane” sentences* like you’d read in a kid’s book. Sure, it’ll look funny, but:

    “Here is a character from a fantastic fairy tale. There were not characters like that in my childhood. Could she be Snow Queen?!”

    *See Dick. See Dick run. See Spot. See Dick give Spot a ball. Spot has a ball.