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Server problems

We are having various server problems which are making it difficult for us to post articles. It also seems to be causing error messages when people try to leave comments.

Unfortunately the resolution of these difficulties may take a while due to circumstances beyond our control.

2 comments to Server problems

  • Johan

    That’s too bad, really. I was hoping to spend my lunch (yes, a late one) enjoying Samizdata articles more spicy than my food. I digest my food better when I get the chance to feed my brain too with delicious tasty stomach and mind soothing articles on this blog. It’s been quite a few articles lately, comparing to a few weeks ago. Anyway, I hope the problems will be solved soon, and that you’ll be serving mindblowing, eyepopping, dynamite blogs for us to feed our drained minds with.

    – Yes, I’m getting paid to suck-up this much 😉 (kidding)