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“My song is a hymn for individualism and against collectivism. I am also for balls and against circles, for corners and against edges, for trees and against the forest. In my performance it is not so much the song that counts but the moral attitude behind it. Whoever votes for me is against being standardized and cemented in by ‘European Banality’.”

Alf Poier, Austrian entrant to the European Song Contest.
(Via Michael Jennings.)

(In the end, Mr Poier got a respectable 94 points. It seems Britain got no points at all. Politically, this is all to the good.)

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  • Byron

    Anyone care to comment on the Austrian culture that spawned Hayak, Mises, and the Austrian School, and Alf Poier and his song? Are they aberations, or is Austria truly a more individualistic nation?

  • I ignored Eurovision this year, but at one point during the Austrian performance, someone in my home shouted to me, “Oh my God, he’s singing about his homepage!” If that’s true…Well, I won’t be surprised. Wouldn’t mind seeing the complete lyrics.

  • He sang in German, but in English the lyrics are

    I like most animals on this earth
    But I really prefer little rabbits and bears

    Soon all birds and beetles will die
    But Adam’s in bed with Eve busy reproducing

    Rabbits live in the woods
    Cats in the meadows
    And cockroaches
    Live under tiles

    Little rabbits have short noses
    And kittens soft paws
    And Mother Holle likes her wool
    From the african dromedary

    The difference between animals such as apes and primates
    Is no bigger than between noodles and pasta

    But whoever wants to know more about animals should study Biology or inform himself on my homepage

    Some animals have wings
    And others have fins
    Some live outdoors
    And others in cans

    Small rabbits…..

    This guy is clearly a genius.

  • Innocent Abroad

    Well, Alf was fun but I thought the Belgian entry had a better tune. Surely someone on this site can translate that one as well.

    What really puzzles me is how we are told Turkey has an “Islamist” government yet their winning band was easily the least-dressed. Perhaps it should be the Eurovision Flesh Contest.

  • D2D

    Hitler was Austrian also. And according to David Letterman critique of the American mininseries “Hitler the Rise of Evil” his middle name was “Dwayne.”

    OT BTW I was listening to Frank Zappa’s album “Joe’s Garage” and the song “I’m the Slime” may have actually been the first rap recording. Of course Frank did always kind of rap on most of his stuff.

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    At least Tatu didn’t win. Their music is no good, but the critics get orgasmic over them simply because they engage in public homoeroticism.

    I’m reminded of the Israeli entry from a few years back that involved putting a condom on a cucumber. Musically, the song was worse than Mr Cliff Richard’s “Millennium Prayer”, but because the act was designed to offend the Orthodox rabbis, critics thought it was genius.

    I’ll never understand critics. Which is probably a good thing.

  • Innocent Abroad: What we should conclude is that Ataturk was a great man.

  • Brian Micklethwait


    Is there any possibility that the NUL POINTS scored by the Royaume Uni might be some kind of political backlash for supporting the liberation of Iraq? Eurovision Song Contest voting has always been pretty corrupt and tactical, so I for one am pretty sure it’s no coincidence.

    Could this be the beginning of Britain’s expulsion from the EU, by popEUlar demand? It’s a happy thought.

  • Congratulations, Brits! The fact that your country can’t produce an entry worthy of scoring points in the Eurovision Song Contest demonstrates beyond question the fact that your arts retain some vestige of the characteristics that made Western Civilization great.

    Take this score, and wear it as a badge of honor, much as George W. Bush interprets French “Tsk”-ing as applause.

  • Michael Farris

    Brian Micklethwait: “Is there any possibility that the NUL POINTS scored by the Royaume Uni might be some kind of political backlash for supporting the liberation of Iraq?”

    I suppose that’s possible. A far more likely explanation is that the song sucked donkeys and the performance blew chunks too.
    I personally liked the entries from Romania and Germany (god help me) and not much else.

    At least Turkey had something comparitively modern this time, although if you listen to Turkish mix or Turkish pop radio you’ll hear 5 more interesting songs every hour.

  • Dina

    Are you sure you are not confusing him with Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay Austrian alter-ego? Or are the Austrians really starting to realise libertarianism is the way forward and that socialism is a failed ideology? Hope springs eternal…

  • Paddy

    Well, if the UK were punished for the complicity in the invasion of Iraq, then Europe has more sense than I originally credited it. And it took the fantastic route of justly punishing them without pain or bloodshed – thus moral high ground is intact! Vive l’Europ!

    However, it’s more likely that the UK got nul points merely because their song was dire.