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Quote unquote

“This week it cost me 2,750 dollars to airmail a letter to Britain containing three A4 sheets of paper.”
– Jan Raath in yesterday’s Times reporting from what remains of Zimbabwe

6 comments to Quote unquote

  • ernest young

    Must have more money than sense…..

  • Uncle Bill

    I rather expect it is due to what most people call inflation. I seriously doubt that the ‘dollars’ are US$.

  • infamouse

    Well, the dollar is already at incredible lows in comparison to the euro.

  • Matt Foster

    As of today the Zimbabwe dollar is trading at 0.00012 US dollars. And so the Times reporter paid approximately US$3.20 for his airmail package.

  • Oh, I assumed they were real dollars and he was talking about bribes on the journalistic expense account to get a document out of a police state without being burned, pulped or eaten.

    Perhaps I got the wrong end of the stick.

  • John J. Coupal

    In 1971, the missus and I vacationed (holidayed?) in Rhodesia. The US dollar was then roughly at parity with the Rhodesian dollar (the R$ may actually have been stronger).

    I remember it being pretty pricy in Salisbury (am I permitted to use that word?) and environs for a couple of Yanks.

    I shudder at the thought of what has become of such a beautiful country.