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Chirac Planning Career Suicide

Nice ‘fisking’ of Chirac’s preparations of G8 summit agenda by Collins on Pave France based on yesterday’s article in the Telegraph titled Chirac to embarrass Bush at G8 conference:

He said Evian’s main goal would be “to build the institutions and rules of a global democracy, open and interconnected”

Translation: I’m going to feed Bush a steady line of Communist bullshit until he gets fed up and leaves. Once he is gone, I will take cheapshots at the U.S., and then deny them when later confronted.

5 comments to Chirac Planning Career Suicide

  • Byron

    I’m reading an interesting book now, recommended to me by my Russian immigrant (now US citizen) best friend: You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists) by Dr. Fred Schwarz. In it, Dr. Schwarz outlines what communism is, wants, and its exact methods for achieving its goals. From manipulation of the language, to exploiting people’s consciousness, to control (and dumbing down) of education to achieve total world Communism, it is amazing how the exact same tactics and methods are used today by liberals, leftists, and statists. Mr. Chirac’s comments in this article especially reminded me of that. Who says the Cold War is over?

  • Byron

    The G8’s members (France, America, Britain, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada and Russia) were “determined to pursue the structural reforms which improve the efficiency of our economies” and “resolved to lower taxes and social charges to free the creative energies for growth and employment”.


  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the book rec Byron. I’ll check it out!

  • Byron

    No problem. Its out of print, but you can get it from the Amazon marketplace very cheap:


    It’s a small book and a quick read, but most engrossing. I’ve never seen such a clear, concise, and thorough analysis of Communism (and its contemporary equivalents).

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks! 🙂