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The Wind of Change… in Paris

In Iraq, ordinary people begin to appear and cheer the liberators. In France, the pro-Saddam mob is disappearing as fast as a Republican Guard tank brigade.

I use the French TV station TF1 as my weathervane of authorised French opinion.

The Free French… in exile in London yet again!

4 comments to The Wind of Change… in Paris

  • Doesn’t surprise me. But we have to finally sort out this France business now somehow, I think.

    We can’t have this sort of regularly snarky unreliability continue much longer from this supposed ally, surely? Suggestions, anyone?

  • Geo

    I find that developing a personal relationship with the snark in question, backed up by a good meal and a bottle of wine, usually leads to quite a convivial environment.

    The fulminating ethnocentrism which may ensue is at least then conducted in the context of friendship and is, therefore, easier to accept.

  • Lovely thought, Geo! Yes, they are wonderfully charming at dinner, aren’t they?

    Just as a political entity…..

  • In my travels, I’ve gotten on fine with French folks. During the many wonderful conversations I seem to have forgotten to ask them why their leaders are always assnozzles.