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Iraqi PR man’s great future

The Iraqi Minister of Information, whose ability to defy reality has made him something of a cult figure in the West, has had a website dedicated to his pronouncements which is already drawing massive numbers of hits.

His ability to work for a doomed cause and show fortitude in the midst of great strain is already triggering commentators to wonder about where his talents may be most usefully employed in future. Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Manager of Sunderland Football Club (with apologies to Iain Murray)

  • Tory Party campaign manager (no explanation really required)

  • The manager of George Galloway’s campaign to be known as a great British patriot

  • Tony Blair’s humility counsellor

  • Spin doctor for the Democrat’s presidential candidate (that’s my top choice)

  • George W. Bush’s elocution coach (sorry Dubya, I could not resist)

  • Robert Fisk’s psychiatrist (a tough assignment, admittedly)

  • Michael Moore’s obesity counsellor (another tough one)

  • Chief coach to the English cricket team

    And finally,

  • Management consultant to the BBC’s news service.

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