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A small mercy

In what I am sure will be a crashing disappointment to lots of people who go around calling themselves ‘human rights campaigners’, the British legal system has opted not to further persecute a victim:

A burglar has failed in his attempt to win damages from the jailed farmer, Tony Martin, who shot him.

Malcolm Starr, who has led the campaign for Martin’s freedom, said Martin’s lawyers had contacted him to say that a planned legal action by burglar Brendon Fearon had failed.

I cannot really bring myself to call this justice because if there was even a smidgeon of justice then Tony Martin would not have been incarcerated in the first place.

“Tony has probably had more letters about this issue of him being sued for damages than he did after the original shooting incident. He does want the law changed to stop this happening again.”

It is not just the law that needs changing.

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1 comment to A small mercy

  • Tony H

    Good news – I’m glad for Tony Martin. When I first heard about the criminal’s intention to sue, I was astonished – but not that astonished, given the bizarre Alice In Wonderland world of British “justice” in recent decades. We’ve become used to criminals being treated as victims, and the victims of crime further victimised for having the temerity to defend themelves against criminals. I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve agreed with me that Martin should have received a medal for his commendable act of social vermin control. BTW I believe I read that the “traveller” community (friends in the E.Midlands area keep me informed about their depredations) were incensed about Fearon’s attempt to capitalise upon his situation, and threatened him – I wonder if there is any connection…