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Protestors with a porpoise

The tranquil, family atmosphere of ‘Ocean-World’ was rudely interrupted today as ‘peace activists’ stormed the aquarium during the dolphin display in what they described as ‘direct action against war’.

Dressed as Japanese Fisherman and waving tuna nets, the protestors surrounded the dolphin tank chanting “baby-killers” and “No attack on Iraq” as the performing dolphins, Cocoa and Buddy, were ushered back into their pen by their handlers.

Eventually, security guards managed to remove the protestors from the aquarium enabling the show to resume.

One of the protestors said afterwards:

“We’re against dolphins, man…cos, like…dolphins are…like…stupid”.

The dolphins handler confirmed that neither of the animals was in any way harmed and that they would both still be available to assist the military if required.

4 comments to Protestors with a porpoise

  • Mike D.

    You just made that up, right?

  • Geo

    Marinus Avalon, spokesdolphin for the Coalition for Humans Understanding Dolphins (CHUD), was translated afterward as saying:

    “While it is commendable, indeed, that such human youth feel the pressing urgency to convey the pith of their concerns about the present conflagration in Iraq, I believe I speak for all of my associates when I categorically decry the misguided and invidiously speciesist slur uttered by the tragically unwashed fellow who resorted to an ad dolphinum argument by calling into question our relative intelligence.”

    Members of Orcans for a Gentler Society are scheduling a solidarity counter-protest, to be staged in a holding tank in Seattle, as soon as enough chum can be rounded up for the event.

  • Della

    You make fun of the dolphins, but don’t you know they’re conscripts?

    “These are animals that, number one, have not volunteered to take part in this whatsoever”

    These dolphins “have lives and minds of their own”[…]” – Stephanie Boyles (PETA)

    How can libertarians you make fun of oppressed dolphins, conscripted, and dragged away from their busy, busy lives?

  • Wondered what Flipper was doing since his TV show was taken off air.