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Samizdata slogan of the day

I don’t fault Dan Rather for going to Baghdad. If someone had interviewed Hitler in ‘39 for three hours, we’d prize the tapes as an invaluable historical document.
– James Lileks from his Bleat this morning

5 comments to Samizdata slogan of the day

  • Amigo, you missed the best quote:

    Sometimes history is farce the first time.

  • No of course, we journalists are expected to be free to interview people.

    Mind you, would an interview with Hitler be so prized if there were dozens of other surviving interviews in several languages from the same period?

  • Johnathan

    Having been a journalist myself, I would love such an interview, so long as I could ask this question:

    “Saddam, any chance you take Michael Moore from us as a human shield?”

  • Byron

    Did anybody catch Hussein’s comments re women? He said “Jealously is for women, not men. Men should not be jealous of each other.”

    The media is probably purposefully not reporting it so as not to turn Susan Sarandon & Co. against the war.

  • Now if we could get Bill O’Reilly to interview Saddam…