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Samizdata slogan of the day

There will be no war on Iraq. There will be a liberation of Iraq. There will be an end to the war that the Ba’ath Party has been waging on the people of Iraq through its policies of racism, persecution and genocide. Liberation will bring hope to enslaved Iraqis and justice for the dead, for the hundreds of thousands of Kurds murdered during such campaigns as the Anfal, for the Assyrians who were “disappeared,” for the Shi’a Arabs slaughtered for rising up against the regime, for the deported Turkomans and the Sunni Arab officers shot for plotting to overthrow the regime
– Dr. Barham Salih, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, in the region controlled by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

5 comments to Samizdata slogan of the day

  • Johan

    Indeed, Dr. Barham Salih are right. Could you negotiate peace with Hitler? …not really…using war as a device for bringing liberty is sometimes necessary, or would it be better if someone would ask Hitler to stop shooting and murdering? Or for that matter ask Saddam? Isn’t that what all the resolutions have done; asking him to get rid of weapons? Is it working? Who one earth believes Saddam will by himself step down, ask for forgiveness and get out of Iraq? So many questions, one answer: liberate Iraq.

  • Amen to that… Liberate the Iraqi people. It is hard to see how what would come after him could be any worse.

  • Dale

    So you would send your kids over to kill him and probably one of his kids or his wife. And just maybe one of your own kids would get killed trying, but probably not as you have armed them much better than he is. And the surviving bad guy’s kids would be adopted by one of the neighbors who really hates them and will not exactly treat them well. Then you will pick all the tomatoes.

  • snide

    Er, Dale (obviously not Dale Amon)… it is rather baffling how someone could be unable to figure out which comment section goes with which article… the honking great yellow edged divider does provide a rather good clue on that point!

  • M Halbert

    Why does Hitler come up so often in these
    discussions? By the way, it seems that it was
    Churchill who didn’t want to discuss peace. Was
    Rudolph Hess really acting on his own? That peace
    envoy spent the rest of his life in prison and it was
    a long life.