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Rent His Chest

Dave Barry (whose blogzistence I was reminded of by Diane of Nobody Knows Anything) links to this fine young fellow. In keeping with the Samizdata policy of explaining links, I will tell you now that his site is called Rent My Chest. If you do, he puts your choice of slogan on the said organ, and sticks a photo up on Rent My Chest.com, but from now on, we don’t say dot com, we say “nipple com”. My favourite slogan of the ones up there so far is: “MajorGeeks.com – Geek it ‘Til It MHz”

The consensus seems to be now that advertising on the internet has been a disappointment. That may have to be revised. This guy isn’t just someone who likes to show off his nipples; he’s actually done some thinking. He has a blog, and it’s a typographical first for me. He has a job. In short, he has a brain. Each slogan will cost you $20, and the most recent twenty stay up, so as the site gets more popular, the messages cost the same but for less time, i.e. the price goes up automatically. Smart. Seriously, watch this guy.

3 comments to Rent His Chest

  • The cost of entry into this business is very low. There are a lot of women who would be more sucessful at this than him. He needs to get more chests on his site and take a percentage of the proceeds if he wants to stay in business.

  • Brian Micklethwait


    I think you could be wrong about this. Obviously lady chests have a role to play in this business, but the exposed male chest also has something to contribute. It is flatter, and thus rather easier to put graphics on. And it is more respectable, and may therefore be reproduced in more respectable media, the way lady chests might not, and respectable media communicate with richer people.

    Plus, as Dave Barry senses, girl exposes chest on internet is not newsworthy. Geek exposes chest with adverts on, that’s more like a story.

    The more serious point here is that internet advertising is only in its infancy, and it will be quite different from any of the advertising we are already familiar with. And I think this character has made a good start! If I were an ad agency, I’d snap him up.

  • Kevin Connors

    I wonder if I can get his back at a discount?