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NASA has set up this FTP site here for the public to use to upload photos, videos and documentary commentary of found debris. It may be the first use of the Net to assist in disaster evidence collection on such a massive scale.

REMEMBER not to touch anything. And FORGET about trying to profit from this tragedy.

1 comment to NASA FTP site

  • Dale Amon

    I have suspicions there is far less danger from materials from Columbian than there were from Challenger. I don’t think any volatile fuel would have survived the 3000F heat bath it took on the way down.

    This is not to suggest you ignore their suggestions: only that I believe they will find after the fact that there is little danger from toxic materials from a vehicle loss during re-entry.

    This may have an impact on the FAA insurance requirements for private RLV’s, a question I intend to approach in some detail after a “decent” interval.