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Kings of the High Frontier: a great book suffers undeserved obscurity

The last 36 hours have seen a lot of traffic on the “Draft L. Neil Smith for President 2004” mailing list, most of it centered around you-know-what, the same obsession we’ve all shared this weekend. One refrain I’ve been hearing is, “I need to dig out my copy of that Victor Koman book”, Kings of the High Frontier.

I made the mistake of lending my copy to a former colleague a few months ago, who just now got around to mailing it back to me. See my own longer article on the book: there aren’t many copies of this superb work in publication. If John RossUnintended Consequences is “the Atlas Shrugged of the gun freedom movement”, then Koman’s book is “the Atlas Shrugged of the free space movement”.

Russell Whitaker

2 comments to Kings of the High Frontier: a great book suffers undeserved obscurity

  • “The last 36 hours” can now read “The last 3 days”: I’d submitted this late Sunday night, but Perry is away. Thanks Dale and/or Tom for getting this posted!

  • I heard about this book a few years ago, and never did find a paper edition, but I was happy enough to pay $3.50 and download an HTML version from Pulpless. I think it was the first thing I ever bought on-line. I was particularly taken by the Single Stage To Orbit Space Station.