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Economists behaving oddly

Well, it seems to have been a slow day here on Samizdata. Me, I’ve been putting up CD shelves and then preparing for one of my Friday evenings, so I’ve not had much time to samizdatise. But I now have time to get a link to this up before midnight, this being a strange sort of variable diagram where a bunch of cartoon economists watch what happens. That’s a bad explanation I realise. When this diagram gets taken down and historians of this blog wonder what I was talking about, they’ll just have to carry on wondering.

I don’t know what it signifies, but I find it oddly entertaining. Perhaps it refers to the tendency of economists to be rather too attentive towards merely numerical data, and to neglect more important but less measurable phenomena. So, not Austrian economists then.

My thanks to the deeply strange people at B3TA for the link to this.

1 comment to Economists behaving oddly

  • Hey, let’s face it, economists (and economist wannabes) tend to watch numbers like a hawk. I’m with you though. Why think that hard about it? It’s just amusing. 🙂