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North Korea threatening nuclear war

According to the New Zealand Herald, North Korea says nuclear war is possible at ‘any moment’. I’ll still guess it’s just blackmail and grandstanding. Invasion didn’t work for them in 1950 and it certainly won’t work now, even with a couple nukes. A couple nukes is just enough to get the whole planet really ticked off at them. They’d be done for. Everyone (except the French of course) would want a piece of them.

Unless their leaders are some unbelievable combination of stupid and desperate…

4 comments to North Korea threatening nuclear war

  • Dale, when you say “Unless their leaders are some unbelievable combination of stupid and desperate…”, do you mean the North Koreans or the French?

  • Dale Amon

    The North Koreans.

    We are already certain about the French.

  • Lou Gots

    I do not understand this discussion. A nuclear attack on the U.S. changes history; a nuclear attack by the U.S. changes geography. It involves a couple of million deaths against the death of every man, woman, child, squirrel and cockroach in their crummy little country. This is a tragedy, but it is not war.

  • Dan Martinez

    Unless their leaders are some unbelievable combination of stupid and desperate…

    How about “delusional”?

    I mean, you’re talking about someone who’s been raised from birth to run the country. And not just any country, mind you, but the last, best hope on Earth for old-school, hard-core, wingnut cult-of-personality Stalinism.

    A place where everybody goes around calling him “dear leader” and gratefully fawning over his largesse in yet again allowing the sun to peer over the horizon in the morning and so grace their new day.

    You have to wonder what that sort of thing does to a fellow’s perceptions of his own importance. You have to worry what it might do to his comprehension of his own mortality.