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“European affairs” indeed.

I don’t care how hungover you are. Get thee hence to the newsagents and buy, yes buy, a paper copy of the Mail On Sunday today. They have a story about some TV chick the German Chancellor is shagging. You care not about the paramours of foreign potentates? Buy it anyway. The point is that it’s a test case about whether British courts are supreme or whether the EU can over-rule them. Apparently Lover-boy Gerhart has got an injunction to suppress the story in Germany and is claiming that under EU law that means he can suppress it here too.

7 comments to “European affairs” indeed.

  • Nothing like deja vu all over again. Hilu kicked him out for shagging Doris on the sly. He later claimed she was a vegetarian and would not cook his schnitzel. I wonder what the story will be this time? On the other hand, maybe Doris will “stand by her man” ala Hillary.

  • Amazing. I shall try to obtain that newspaper. Could this incident be what finally focusses the minds of pro-Europeans working on Fleet Street?

    The PR mirage that the European Union is only about Italian opera, German engineering and French cuisine seems to be taken quite seriously by a lot of Londoners who consider themselves educated and cosmopolitan – and who have a role forming opinions elsewhere in Britain. I wonder if this will be a learning experience for the euro-keenies?

  • Ooops – forgot the disclaimer. You can’t read this if you are in Germany and maybe the EU. You have been warned.

  • Richard

    I see the BBC is reporting on the story, in this case, taking a position of total neutrality, how rare; they should try it more often, after all, that way they might once again become a REAL news organization, as opposed to the ‘Official Organ of State Propaganda’.

  • Ralf Goergens

    The Mail on Sunday didn’t expect the German inquisition.

  • Dale Amon

    Poor fellow. He probably hasn’t heard of ‘blogs yet. It’s not so great to be king anymore.

  • blabla

    I love when Brits speak British.