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When lawyers attack!

I am trying to figure out who ‘Holland & Barrett’ are worried might sue them if they discovered NUTS in their packet of… Whole Cashew Nuts!

10 comments to When lawyers attack!

  • Rich

    My guess : They are protecting themselves against folks who are highly allergic to peanuts.

  • I’d guess the same. As I replied here to another recent nuts post, some people (myself not included) are very allergic to peanuts. I don’t know if someone who’s peanut-allergic is automatically cashew-allergic. Without the notice, someone might assume that peanut-free machines were used to process the cashews.

    The more questionable notice on the package is the one about small objects. That would seem to be just common sense.

  • But guys… it does not say ‘peanuts’, it just says ‘nuts’… which is hardly a revelation regarding a place which packs nuts!

  • Emily

    Well, here in the States, we have a large number of people that don’t seem to understand that because they are allergic to peanuts that they should not eat peanut butter. Some school districts have forbidden serving it in their cafeterias (presumably to insure the unnatural survival of the terminally stupid).

    This being the case, I can certainly understand why there might be a case or two of folks who are allergic to nuts that are oblivious to the fact that they might also be allergic to cashew nuts.

  • Kevin Connors

    The would think the concern would be more for the possibility of seseme seeds.

  • Emily… surely we would all be better off if some people ‘self selected’ themselves out of the gene-pool via eating things labled nuts when they are allergic to nuts.

    Kevin… but then why does it say ‘nuts’?

  • I have also seen the disclaimer: “Warning: these Pop Tarts may be hot when heated”, which I thought was good to know.

  • “Warning: these Pop Tarts may be hot when heated”

    Kylie is hot at all temperatures. Phwoarrr! (Props to Viz).

    But seriously, IIRC Pop Tarts consist of a sugar-coated cookie outside and a gelatinous fruit inside.

    If you heat the PT, the inside, since it contains more water and is not porous, will probably be much hotter than the outside. Someone who’s never had a PT or who is basically stoopid might think the inside will be the same reasonable temp as the outside and burn their tongue. Causing nearly irreperable emotional distress.

    RE: peanuts, you can read more here.

    More details here.

  • “See Marge, because of me there’s a warning…”
    -H. Simpson

  • Dennis Patten

    That will never top the warning on some packages of urinal cakes. “Please do not eat the Urinal Cakes. They are not real cakes” This means that someone somewhere fished one out, took a big bite, sued the company and won.