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Utterly bonkers!

Sundon Lower School in Bedfordshire has banned video and digital cameras from its nativity play this year, because it is worried that the images may get into the hands of paedophiles.

So let me get this right… The head teacher of a state school has banned parents from recording their children in a play. How can it be okay for a woman in authority to be instilling fear of sexual predators into small children, clearly implying their own parents are collectively under suspicion?

This is the toxic paranoid psychology of the witch hunt. The world is not packed full of paedophiles hunting for pictures of nativity plays but it suits some people to act as it that was the case… powers must be expanded to ‘protect’ children after all and who better than a pettifogging head teacher to do that?

I suspect that this head teacher must be a fifth columnist for the Home Schooling Movement in Britain because no one is really that idiotic and paranoid, right? Right?

3 comments to Utterly bonkers!

  • Christ almighty, what a joke! Does this mean those stupid ads where the woman kisses the baby’s bottom will go as well?

    Who’ll be the future Matthew Hopkins, Pederastfinder General, I wonder?

  • But hey, shouldn’t this be another reason for canning those ubiquitous sidewalk cameras and automated traffic-ticket robots that Britons complain of? You never know when a kid might be walking down the street, or riding in a car. Unless one takes the more obvious step of simply forbidding children to engage in either of those activities, I suppose.

  • Dr. Fell

    I think the solution is to ban those troublesome all-nude nativity plays.