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And by the way, gun rights supporters are frequently mocked when they say it deters foreign invasion – after all, come on, grow up, be realistic: Who’s nuts enough to invade America? Exactly. It’s unthinkable. Good. 2nd Amendment Mission 1 accomplished.
– Bill Whittle (in his essay Freedom – at his new blog Eject! Eject! Eject!)

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  • Bill Whittle tells a compelling story; I recommend reading the entire essay.

  • Be sure to arm yourself against surprise, against the unexpected, against anything that you may not have planned for, and of course anything that seems ordinary enough…

    And have a Happy Christmas!

  • blabla

    Except that he is naive in believing that the US military would never carry out an order to disarm the citizens by force. Other than that, nice essay.

  • Fred Boness

    Sorry Blabla but that was just blabla. The U.S. military is a volunteer force arising out of the American citizenry that you think the military would disarm.

    Not going to happen.

  • The NRA in America is not now, nor has it ever been, considered lunatic fringe. Media notwithstanding, the average American trusts an NRA member to know about weapons, their correct use and storage more than they would any non-member or non-citizen with a gun. As such the NRA is in fact the “well regulated militia” defacto. The military won’t try to take their guns. The FBI and the Democrat party are another kettle of fish altogether; the military might keep an eye on them.

  • blabla


    The US military is voluntary in the sense that it is not based on conscription, but it is not voluntary like the minutemen were voluntary. They get paid with taxpayer money, and when all is said and done, they are like any other government organization. They are in the business of purpose preservation like anyone else. Remember Kent St., Waco, and Ruby Ridge? It has happened before, and it can happen again.

    The order from above won’t be, “Disarm the innocent civilians,” but rather it will be dressed up in the language of duty and honor – something the foot soldier responds to.

    An effective military is needed for defense, but a large standing army can also be as much a threat to freedom as any foreign invaders.

  • Dennis Patten

    Blabla is incorrect in his assertion that the US military would willingly disarm the populace. Firstly The Kent State Massacre was perpetrated by nervous National Guardsmen, and there were no firearms involved other than the Surplus M1s that the troops were using. Waco and Ruby Ridge were perpetrated by the ATF and FBI. US Posse Comitatus Law prevents the Military from being used as police forces. This is why the Coast Guard is (was?) in the Dept. Of Revenue. Granted in time of war the Military can be used to hold down insurrections. However in such an eventuality you would likely have something similar to what happened during the civil war. The Military would itself split into pro and anti government forces. The military is mainly a Southern and Western culture. A large majority of the military are in fact supporters of gun rights.