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Rock, Rock, Rockin’ at Heaven’s Door

Youthful policeman are a standard yardstick of personal maturity and you really know that middle age is looming when politicians begin to look ‘fresh-faced’. However, there is nothing quite like the passing of your teenage rock ‘n’ roll idols to have you looking in the mirror and counting those grey hairs.

“Joe Strummer, lead singer of seventies punk band The Clash, has died at the age of 50.”

‘The Clash’ provided the background music for my student years. I loved them. R.I.P Joe and thankyou.

3 comments to Rock, Rock, Rockin’ at Heaven’s Door

  • London Calling is part of that stack of CDs on my desk that never manage to get put away.

  • ant1

    Nah. My pop heroes died when I was five and thirteen: Jimi Hendrix and Sid Vicious.

  • It’s very difficult for me to look back nine years to the loss of Frank Zappa. Simply laying eyes on “Freak Out”, when I was ten years old (1966), was one of those moments when the wiring in my brain changed instantly, and that was before I even listened to a single note of it.

    We’re talking about a lifetime, here.