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Police non-response times

Self-defence is not necessary because we have the police to protect us, right. That’s their job. That’s what we, the tax-payers, pay them to do. So, we can all sleep safely in our beds at night, knowing that the agents of the state will keep us safe from those who would do us harm.

That’s the theory; this is the practice:

“Police have launched an inquiry into why it took officers an hour to respond to an emergency call from a Jewish couple who were the victims of a terrifying burglary at their Southgate home.”

Well, as long as there’s no ‘hate speech’ involved, it probably isn’t a real emergency.

“Officers eventually arrived at 6:40am, long after the intruders had driven off with their haul in the couples’ two Mercedes saloons.”

Laughing their arses off, I’d wager.

““Although I am disgusted with the police who should have been there to help us, they have been very supportive and efficient since. It was just a break-down in communication and it shouldn’t have happened.”

‘It shouldn’t have happened’!!. Oh, that’s all okay then. As long as this kind of thing ‘shouldn’t happen’, we can all go back to sleep again.

5 comments to Police non-response times

  • Kevin Connors

    Perhaps you folks should consider following Houston’s lead.

  • Jay N

    In the same spirit some chaps reducing the appeal of stealing motorcycles

  • rlbtzero

    How is the couple’s Jewishness relevant to the story?

  • David Carr


    I found the report in something called the ‘London Jewish News’. Obviously they pick up on anything of any significance that occurs among London’s Jews

  • elise48@ev1.net

    there was a quy the police were after under my grandma’s house! well guess what? I FOUND HIM! and called the police and they never showed up! I literally had to jump on one coming down the street to get them to listen to me, so they could tract this guy. the officer told me to wait and she’d be back, but wouldn’t you know it, she never did! guess how old i am 14 ,and they never thought twice about helping me! 5/21/02 is when this happened.