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Worldwide Walk for Capitalism

Next Sunday I expect to be headed with a crowd of French libertarians, from the place de la Bastille towards the headquarters of the French finance ministry at Bercy in the eastern districts of Paris.

Interest in the event seems to be building up, with emails buzzing around asking for a lift from places like Pau (almost in Spain), or has anyone got a couple of flag poles? The Gadsden and the Culpepper flag should be flying.

Meanwhile, in London, not a sausage.

4 comments to Worldwide Walk for Capitalism

  • Ian

    Pau, eh? I’ve been to the airport there. I’m supposed to be going to a stag night in Toulouse that Saturday, but I haven’t even been able to organise that. I have five days left. F***!

    I’m too crap to do anything, really. I blame the Chartreuse. But best wishes, anyway.

    Seriously, hardly anyone stands up for capitalism these days, and I do regret that I’ve not done my bit.

    ‘As a gay man,’ like they say, I realise that capitalism – bars, clubs, what have you – have done more for gay liberation than a million half-assed local-authority ‘initiatives.’

    Would I be buggering about under a socialist regime? I think not.

  • Local-authority initiative? Oxymoron of the day if ever I heard one.

  • If anyone wants to organise an event in LONDON for Dec. 1, contact Prodos in Australia on +613 9428 1234.

    They are urgently looking for someone to organise an event in London.

    Unfortunately I’ll be in the US for thanksgiving.

  • I guess what selling capitalism to the French would really take would be a famous beautiful woman of any nationality who dresses stylishly, has a forceful personality and can sincerely tell journalists that free markets are more truly compassionate and more urgently, passionately courageous than government intervention.

    She would of course make frequent reference to great French economists who at least partly campaigned for free trade [Quesnay, Say and so forth].