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Today is…

Shop ’til you drop day!

Some who think poverty is a noble, exalted state would have you buy nothing today, calling it ‘Buy nothing day’. But those who reject the Luddite anti-life call of atavistic collectivism know better.

Every November 30th, we all need to remind ourselves that due to the creeping spread of global capitalism, more of humanity has been lifted above a subsistence level of existence than at any other time in the history of our species.

Plumbers, builders, postmen, farm workers, sailors… all owning technological marvels like motorcars, televisions, computers, all having unheard of life expectancies. This occurs not because of central planning, but rather in spite of it… yet somehow Paris gets fed.

So on November 30th go out and turn your mundane daily participation in the capitalist system into a celebration of it! Make it special. Go out and buy the one you love a book they have wanted but is only available in hardback or maybe even a nice sheepskin coat for the winter. You know it makes sense.

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