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The sound of smashing doors

The police in Britain have been busy smashing down doors and dragging people from their beds.

Yesterday it was wicked people who were connected to child porn (at least the police said they all were – even though hundreds of people have been arrested over the last few days).

Today however it will be people guilty of ‘hate crimes’ – after all, posters on the London Underground warn that to ‘verbally abuse’ people on grounds of race, gender or sexual orientation�is a crime and will be punished.

So who will defend people who have said nasty things? After all they must all be guilty – otherwise the police would not have dragged them into the street (with the other people who live in the street looking down from their bedroom windows).

Yesterday the Prime Minister made a speech (after the Queen’s opening of Parliament). The Prime Minister explained to us that Britain is stuck in the past with a silly devotion to 19th century concepts of civil liberties – such things as trial by jury obstruct the modern state and must be further ‘limited’.

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1 comment to The sound of smashing doors

  • Paul Marks

    On the day I typed this blog the police were indeed smashing down doors and dragging off people for “hate crimes” – so I have no idea why I typed “will be”.

    My apologies.

    Paul Marks.