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Showing your appreciation…

The Massachusetts people put in an enormous amount of work these last two years. They put their entire personal lives on hold to fight for Liberty. They came within a statistical whisker of forcing the biggest tax abolition in US history that we are aware of. They fought for our Party.

After the dust and confetti settle and the balloons are all popped… there are the bills. Lots of them. It’s not glamorous or exciting. But they must be paid before moving on.

Please consider helping them close out the old so they can move on to the new.

You can visit their tip jar or you can go to one of their web sites and read about it first.

Carla Howell
Michael Cloud
Small Government Initiative

Our teams fight with perhaps a hundredth of the resources of the Left and Right. Do your part to change the equation.

If we have to buy our Liberty back, then so be it.

3 comments to Showing your appreciation…

  • Kevin Connors

    i think, in terms of total dollars and inflation-adjusted dolars per-capita, California’s Prop. 13 was a bigger tax revolt.

  • Dale Amon

    I don’t think it set the California State looting of the Gross State Product back nearly as far as Prop 1 would have. We are talking about cutting a third of the MA State Theft in one chop.

    But that’s not the point of the article. Get out there and fill that Massachusetts tip jar. They don’t take stolen goods from the state to support their efforts (like the State Parties do). They need your private support to keep fighting.

  • Eve M.

    If people residing in Massachusetts are reading this, they may want to give extra-generously. It’s likely that it was the near-passage of Question 1 that caused the MA legislature to call off its planned lame-duck session to increase the income tax.