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On the question of BBC Bias

Out of sheer horrid fascination I dip into Bartcop from time to time, and look what I found just now on the Forum:

“Why don’t we send letters to the BBC begging them to expand here? At the worst, the other nets will get word of our actions. At the best, the BBC considers it, seriously. We can coordinate this action after the election.”

Well, well, well. It seems that American socialists just love the BBC. I wonder why?

2 comments to On the question of BBC Bias

  • We get the best of the BBC in the states. Monty Python, Ab-Fab, Inspector Morse and of course, Red Dwarf.

    I listen to the BBC News hour every morning.

    My favorite part is the sport. The d00d goes on and on about cricket with such enthusiasm I’m compelled to listen to every detail. I have no idea what he’s talking about but it’s fun nevertheless.

    One thing that I appreciate about BBC radio interviewers is that they don’t fawn on their fellow leftists as much as American interviewers do. If the guy is just running on with his spin then the interviewer will cut him off and move on to the sport.

  • Actually, BBCAmerica has it’s very own cable network here in the states. They only show the news once a day at 3:00 am though, and I’m not sure whether I’m thankful or not for that.

    As for being cultural ambassadors… Well, they stopped rerunning Blackadder, which was my favorite, and have instead focused exclusively on Absolutely Fabulous and Grahm Norton. Y’all must be so proud…