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Hello China

Good news! Samizdata.net is still accessible in China, at least as of this morning! A few months back we did get a couple e-mails from Chinese readers, so it is good to know that the Great (Internet) Wall of China has some holes in it, no thanks to collaborators Cisco and Oracle (may the great EMP from the sky strike them down).

      • Communist China: GDP per capita (2001) $4,300 per year
      • Capitalist Taiwan: GDP per capita (2001) $17,200 per year
      • You are four times better off under capitalism

So here are a few things you are not supposed to see in China. Now stop messing around on the Internet and go out and conspire with someone to overthrow the state, willya!

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10 comments to Hello China

  • Just learned that ScrappleFace is also accessible in China. Better make sure that Pay Pal donation button accepts the yuan.

  • Just learned that ScrappleFace is also accessible in China. Better make sure that Pay Pal donation button accepts the yuan.

  • Left Field

    You forgot to post a picture of the Dali Lama and “Free Tibet”

  • Left Field: yes, you are quite right! I have just added a Free Tibet flag!

  • I was very upset that they never banned Dodgeblogium, now I have to work on getting Sasha’s blog banned in China. A link to this post might do the trick.

  • Well, airstripone is inaccessible, according to the test.

    Not that it matters since I doubt there is much interest for the website over there but quoting Orwell obviously helps get you banned.

  • My blog is presently banned in China, but I am on blogspot for now. I am planning on switching to Moveable Type as soon as I can sort out where the blog will be hosted, so it will likely be accessible on China then. Meanwhile, let me express my admiration for Taiwan’s democracy and capitalism.

  • Paul Marks.

    Mr Jennings is quite correct.

    As for the Chinese Communist Party. Clearly the party leadership agree that Tawain is economically superior, otherwise they would not have been trying to imitate Taiwan since 1978 – first with private farming, then with private industry and commerce.

    The old justification for the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (and for their policy of murdering tens of millions of people – mostly through starvation) was their belief in socialism. As the Chinese Communist Party leadership clearly no longer believes in socialism they have no justification for their rule – they are simply bandits.

    Paul Marks.

  • Another hole in the Great Internet Wall has been found. Communist Vampires is accessible! They did manage to block out sites for Amnesty International and Falun Dafa, so they’re not total slackers.

  • Pat

    The man against the four tanks – what was/is his name? Does anyone know? He should have been everyone’s man of the 20th century, if not the millenium. I would like to know his name so at least in my memory I can pay him the honour he is due.