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George Dubya bites back

Please consider this modest posting as an addendum to David Carr‘s article As good as it currently gets. I have little in the way of words to add to his observations but it seemed to me that the picture below, which I have just taken here in London whilst returning from the supermarket, is a delightful addition.

Alas, grotesque self-publicist, leading Idiotarian and BBC favourite Michael Moore is currently blighting the shores of these sceptred Isles by his rotund presence… but it would seem that some passing Brit with an impeccable interest in Anglosphere affairs has seen fit to ennoble Moore’s poster with some pithy observations of his or her own…

14 comments to George Dubya bites back

  • Homer

    Fellow libertarian(left-of-center).

    While I don’t agree with everything Michael Moore says, I would rather listen to him then the lies our president spits out


    How as a libertarian(right or left leaning) can you support a president who still believes in big government(despite the republican platform of the oppossite), believes in wasteful wars and aggressive interventionist foreign policy, and continues to handout corporate welfare?

    Either you’re a lib or you’re a delusional dem/ repub, there is no in between.

  • Thanks for this. I caught this “fat fuck” on Channel 4 news this morning, still wearing that damn baseball cap (what, is it lined with tinfoil?), still blissfully in love with the sound of his own voice, trying to explain away how the GOP did so well (“It’s all fear, you see!”) and why he got it so wrong. Twat.

  • Well Homer, I reckon I’m delusional and stupid too. I don’t even know what a libertarian(left-of-center) is.

  • Paul Marks.

    I watched Mr Moore on the Channel Four (U.K.) news as well. Mr Moore and his comrade (the presenter “Jon Snow” did there best to carry on the “clever” antiAmerican remarks – but the camera caught Mr Moore’s face at the end of the disscussion, and the look of blank, stupid looking, despair on Mr Moore’s face was a wonder to behold.

    Sure “left libertarians”, Mr Moore is against the government of the United States and this government is indeed vastly bigger than the Founding Fathers laid down.

    However, Mr Moore does not want a smaller government – quite the reverse.

    Nor is Mr Moore a great fan of peace – he just wants the enemies of the United States to win.

    I am sorry, but I do not accept the “death to America” crowd as friends of libertarianism (any sort of libertarianism).

    Paul Marks.

  • therien

    Somebody needs to take a crooked jedi-ass-fuck-stick to that idiotarian Michael Moore and drain him. That load of crap he’s been carrying around has worked its way up to his brain and is spewing out his mouth.

  • David Carr

    Paul Marks is quite correct.

    Mr.Moore’s problem with the ‘big government/media machine’ is that he and his friends aren’t in charge of it.

    And ‘libertarian(left-of-centre)’ sounds like semantic horseshit to me.

  • What the f*ck is a “left-of-center” libertarian?

    Is it like a “right-of-center” communist, only in reverse, with added Cheese and a complimentary chocolate?

  • Mike Doffing

    Just now I’m channelling Colin Powell to have his passport revoked — while he’s still in Britain. Sorry about that lads.

  • ellie

    I still have a picture taken in London in 1972 of a printed sign stating “Bill Stickers Will Be Prosecuted.” Some disco-era British wit had added, “Bill Stickers is Innocent!”

  • Mike

    Michael Moore’s acceptance speech sunk him for good. He’s exposed for what he is as a liberal. Maybe he should be buried soon (weight problems) near Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin. If Moore would have criticized FDR or Abraham Lincoln during wartime, he would have been arrested for treason/sedition and lost the writ of habeas corpus. EVIL COWARD.

  • tom

    Michael Moore is a positive person he does not want to destroy America but instead wants to keep it a democracy, Bush is a liar and took power instead of being voted into power. Michael Moore was just highlighting this at the Oscars so that Americas TV nation doesnt forget, but obviously you have.
    Bowling for Columbine is a very good documentory
    if you like to live in fear of what you hear through the media and hide behind guns then you will have 11000+ deaths a year in your country due to shooting each other
    Michael Moore stopped Walmart selling bullets if you dont think that is positive then you yourself are negative

    Paranoid Americans should slow down, chill out, and open up a bit.

    the main thing people have had to say about Mr Moore on this site is that he is fat
    well whoopie doo
    smoke a spliff, this will help you realise that “we are all one consiousness experiencing itself subjectivly ther is no such thing as death life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves”

    dont forget to say hello to your neighbour next time you see him and then he might become your friend.

  • Tom, you are wrong on every level. Michael Moore is intellectually dishonest and an outright liar. Get your facts straight… feeling is no replacement for thinking.

    Oh… and by the way, my neighbour is an asshole.