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A true British Scandal!

The British newspapers are agog at rape allegations inside the Royal Household.


The British state daily rapes million of people of billions of pounds to pay for ‘services’ that fail to deliver whilst blighting the economy and distorting civil society… yet the idiot media concentrates of the trivial antics of House of Windsor, who are little more than a bunch of national tourist attractions who at least generate more money than they cost the hapless taxpayer. Now that is the true scandal, not who might or might not have buggered whom in some drafty palace.

2 comments to A true British Scandal!

  • Paul Lewis

    A corker from the BBC News 24 program.

    bla bla…rape allegations inside the Royal household.

    Presenter in news room to reporter.

    ” Do you think there will be any constitutional implications?”


  • Reid

    No problem. We have a former chief executive here in the states with experience in these matters who is looking for something to do.

    Just remember, admit nothing and put the accuser on trial.