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What is blowing in the wind?

12:00 noon GMT… That ghastly song with the refrain ‘The answer is blowing in the wind’ may have been hippy nonsense but everything else here in Central London bloody well is blowing in the wind.

The radio has just reported the winds have hit 75 mph downtown and whilst writing this blog article I have just seen a chair go flying past my window. I am on the third floor!

6 comments to What is blowing in the wind?

  • My oath it looked windy. I just watched Southhampton beat Fulham on the TV and yeah, looks like a bit of a zephyr going there in England.. got up to 90 mpr in some places apparently…

    Yours Ever

    From a Very still Adelaide, Australia morning..

  • It does look as though Perry took advantage of the breezes to pose for his audition picture for the next Harry Potter movie.

    Could this possibly be? Inquiring minds wish to know.

  • No Mommabear…THIS is my picture from Hogwarts!

  • In fairness, “Blowin’ in the Wind” is a classic song. Bob Dylan made his name with this. It has a great melody, and has been covered about a bazillion times. It’s a standard.

    When it came out in 1962, he had in mind the civil rights movement- black Americans wanting voting rights, and an end to the wickedness of Jim Crow. This is perfectly respectable.

    That some ignorant fool is singing a bad a capella version 40 years later while they jack off in public pretending that they’re bringing peace on earth because they oppose American military action in Iraq doesn’t reflect on Dylan. He was never a pacifist.

    For the reputation he has, Dylan has actually typically spoken only very little about public policy. However, if he did talk, I suspect the crusty old Heb who wrote “Man of Peace” (sometimes Satan comes as a…) would be all in favor of taking out Saddam.

    Indeed, one of the few really specific topical political songs was his “Neighborhood Bully” which was a spirited defense of Israel, including very specifically the bombing of Hussein’s nuclear facilities.

  • Paul Marks

    My house and garden were badly damaged. The wind used the big bin thing outside to smash the wall of the garage and the door on the side of the house (both of which I had just had painted), and the wind knocked down the garden fence at the back.

    I telephoned someone to see about repairs, but before they could come and have a look, the local people were busy knocking on my door – we agreed on a price and then they vanished (“we will do it all on Thursday” they said when I went to their house to find out why they had done nothing).

    My own fault – I should have put the bin thing inside the house before I went to work at 0500 on Sunday (I just did not think – I was very tired). And I should not trust local people.

    So I here I am with big holes in the house – and (logicially enough) feeling rather depressed.

    Paul Marks.

  • molly

    That will teach you to eat so many backed beans!

    Great owl piccie btw