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UN: nuthin’ but a hound-dog

They’ve never caught a rabbit, but they’re eagerly sniffing around for some children to harvest.

According to these Tranzi bloodsuckers, HM Government has not been sufficiently zealous in nationalising children in order to better protect them from their venal, barbaric and untrustworthy parents.

“Every one of the very large number of child deaths caused by violence and neglect in the UK starts with a smack, according to Lady Walmsley.”

‘Very large number’!!??? How many is that exactly? 43,598? 2 million? Half a billion? Don’t they realise that every one of the very large number of very bad laws starts with a completely fabricated statistic? Don’t smack me on the bottom, Lady Walmsley, just kiss my arse.

The real reason HM Government won’t enact these stupid laws is because they know that there is widespread public opposition to them; thus proving that it is not the world which is going mad, just the people who think they run it. And the people who think they run it have an agenda which necessitates the eradication of the family as an impediment to the building of New Global Man.

I’m not as angry as I should be about this because I actually think that the UN is lighting its own way to dusty death. I am reminded of that story of a meek little housewife who turned into a rage-beast and lifted up a truck to save her trapped child. It is probably nothing more than an urban legend but even if it is, it serves a useful function for it is an expression of the universal folk-knowledge about the lengths a parent will go to to protect to their children.

The UN will now have made itself that little bit less popular in Britain and, as their agenda creeps forward, the mask of purported benevolence will begin to slip, the sinister purpose will be seen for what it is and little folk the world over will turn on them like Viking beserkers.

As for me, I have a little disposable capital that I might just invest in the double-headed axe business. After all, the UN, they ain’t no friends of mine.

5 comments to UN: nuthin’ but a hound-dog

  • Every one of the vast number of child murders in the world begins with a birth. Every one of the vast number of terrorist attacks in the world begins with waking up after sleeping. Every one of the vast number of rapes in the world begins with an erection. Every one of the vast number of knifings in the worlds begins with the production of steel. Every one of the vast number of gun homicides in the world begins with flexing an index finger. Our path is clear, for the safety of the world we must eradicate births, waking up, erections, steel, and index fingers from the world. If we commit ourselves to this bold plan we can, just perhaps, have peace in our time.

  • Walter E. Wallis

    In the spirit of TAG, which is no longer allowed on our school yards, I suggest that, rather than recondition the U.N. building in New York as proposed, the glory of hosting the U.N for the next half century should be shared.
    The United States would, of course, be out of the game and TAG!!! Great Briton is IT!!!

  • George Harris

    In other posts on this site the authors seem concerned with the human rights of children. In this post you seem to disregard them.

    Do you think it should be legal to hit adults?

  • Walter E. Wallis

    It is legal to hit adults.

  • David Carr

    The Samizdata is a broad church, George. There are many different views within concerning the path to greater liberty.

    As it happens, I have some sympathy for TCS positions but that does mean that I am taken in by these sanctimonious UN pronouncements which mask an altogether different agenda.