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The Crozier Vision of Japan

Patrick Crozier is back from his far eastern expedition. His experiences are now showing up on UK Transport – which deals with transport everywhere, and which will one day, I hope, have its name changed to something more everywhere-sounding – and on CrozierVision – which sounds perfect and which now deals with everything else Crozier-related. Apart from UK Transport’s title my only other quibble is that most of the photos are displayed too small to appreciate properly. I enlarged one of them by mistake while putting this together, and there’s nothing wrong with them that displaying them bigger wouldn’t correct at once.

Such trivia aside, it’s fascinating stuff. For instance, from the latest CrozierVision piece:

We are told that Japan has been in recession or thereabouts for a decade. So, while I was there I thought I’d try to spot the evidence. It wasn’t easy. Cars are new, people are well-dressed, there doesn’t seem to be much abandoned property, restaurants seem busy enough, there don’t seem to be any sales.

I did however spot a shantytown. This one was in Tokyo and there was a similar if smaller one in Nagoya. Even in destitution the Japanese beat us. Quite simply they have a better class of dosser. Take a careful look at the photos and you will spot that in addition to the regulation cardboard box these people also have blue tarpaulins. Pretty sensible really. I also saw plenty of coat hangers presumably so that could hang out their shirts ready for that all important interview. Japanese cardboard cities also don’t smell of stale urine. How they do it I don’t know because public toilets in Japan seem pretty thin on the ground.

Patrick will be doing both of the last Friday of the month talks in November, on the 8th at the Evans household in Putney on Congestion Charging (that’s road pricing before the spin fraternity got hold of it), and on the 29th at my place on – what else? – Japan.

6 comments to The Crozier Vision of Japan

  • Actually, if you click the photos a larger version will appear. I’ve done it this way because I do find it a pain when a site takes an age to download due to photos.

    UK Transport will have a name change one of these days. Real soon now. I think I’m going to call it the “Worldwide Transport Blog”.

  • Brian Micklethwait


    By gad you’re right. Wonderful the things they can do with these compu-whatsits these days. Grovelling apologies.

    Incidentally Patrick, changing the subject entirely, did you realise you had posted the exact same comment twice by mistake? Just thought I’d point it out. I’ve sorted it out for you. Don’t worry my dear fellow, no really, we all have to learn …

    The new Transport blog-name sounds great.

  • Brian, the multiple postings of a comment are not done by its author as a deliberate action. It’s a bug in the programme or something, don’t you worry your pretty head about it…

  • Brian Micklethwait

    I wasn’t accusing Patrick of doing it on purpose.

  • Fair enough, in which case, I just point out that he couldn’t do anything about it as he doesn’t have editor access…