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The Axis of Power!

I think I might have a civil claim against the BBC. I was watching the news from the Labour Party Conference this afternoon whilst eating a sandwich and nearly choked when the BBC Political Correspondent Andrew Marr concocted this radiant gem:

“The important thing for the world right now is the continued dialogue between Washington and Blackpool”

My apologies to non-UK readers because you really do have to be British to fully appreciate just how pant-wettingly hilarious that statement is.

10 comments to The Axis of Power!

  • David, Believe it or not I’m a Yank that actually has been to Blackpool (and lived!) and I can totally appreciate it!
    Too funny! (and these remarks disparaging Blackpool, the busman’s holiday destination of choice of days gone by, are said with no disrespect to England as a whole, which is lovely!)

  • Eric Tavenner

    Would someone kindly explain why that statement is so funny.

  • David Carr


    Imagine if, during the Cold War, some senior political correspondent (with deadpan sincerity, I might add) stressing the importance of keeping open a line of communication between the Kremlin….and Coney Island!

  • Bear, the (one each)

    washigton? Coney Island? You mean there’s a difference?

  • Oh, you don’t have to be British to get it…

  • Dave Crawford

    So if President Bush was back in Texas on vacation right now, the BBC correspondent would’ve said:

    “The important thing for the world right now is the continued dialogue between Crawford and Blackpool.”

  • Maybe it’s me, because I live in Texas, but the Crawford end of the terminus has truly acquired significance whereas Blackpool will always be Blackpool.

  • Eric Tavenner

    Thank you for the revelation.

  • Hamish

    Aye, that is truly amuzing!

    Next: The Gatehouse-of-Fleet/Washington DC Axis!

  • Jewel Atkins

    The press is always taking themselves too seriously. God bless the blogger…what a refuge!