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Rip out the roots

The Jemaah Islamiyah organisation, which is part of the Al Qaeda network, has killed around 180 people, mostly Australian, American and British tourists in the Indonesian holiday resort of Bali. I have been to Bali myself and it is a glorious place. Although Indonesia is the worlds most populous Muslim nation, Bali has a majority Hindu population.

People are already asking what can be done about the ‘root causes’ of this horror. Well sometimes the ‘root cause’ of violence is a justified struggle against injustice. To deal with the ‘root cause’, one should therefore work to remove the injustice. But sometimes the ‘root cause’ of violence is the unjustified defence of a collective order against those who would reject it. In such cases the way to ‘mitigate’ that violence is by putting a 7.62mm hole in the head of those who would perpetrate or enable such acts.

Find the people who planned this, the people who carried it out and the people who support them. Find them and you find the only ’cause’ that matters. Rip their ‘root cause’ out by the roots and apply a blow torch. Kill them. I don’t give a damn what their grievances are. Just kill them.

The only rational response

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27 comments to Rip out the roots

  • Bravo!

    My sentiments EXACTLY!

  • My understanding is that the holes in the back of the head are substantially larger than 7.62mm – mentions of the size of a fist may not be inappropriate.

    PS – could you really IP ban me, given a dynamic range within a major ISP?

  • A lot of tosh is talked about weapons and wounds…Hollywood has a lot to answer for. Whilst it is possible for a fair sized exit wound to result, a ‘fist’ sized one is rather improbable to be honest: more like ‘3 fingers’ is more common in my experience. I have killed more beasties that I can remember with 7.62mm NATO (308 Win) weapons (and 22 LR, 5.56mm NATO, 243, 270, 30-30, 7.62mmx39, 303 Brit, 30-06, 300 WinMag, 338 Lapua etc etc) via all manner of impact locations and the truth is that generally the size of an exit wound (if there even is one) has more to do with what the round hits en route and the distance (i.e. the energy) of the kill than just the round itself. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullets often exit whilst expanding bullets often do not at all (which is rather the point). A skull hit does often result in a fairly extravigent exit wound but I have also seen neat little holes in one end and out the other (particularly with something like an FMJ 300 Win Mag or 338 Lapua, both of which are rather ‘serious’ rounds).

    As for IP banning… if we are really annoyed be can ban an entire ISP’s users, or failing that send ‘Boris’ around with a baseball bat.

  • Jay

    Yes, admittedly, it’s nice.


    You’re preaching to the converted.

    Is there anyway to “evangelize”?

    Preaching to the converted is NOT going to dislodge the Idiotarians from their monopoly on the “consciousness industry” (mass-media, academia, entertainment, the intelligenstia), a monopoly they’ve held for decades now (and the monopoly is even stronger on the “conscioussness industry” in Europe). And as long as they maintain that monopoly, it’s a very good chance that the voices of appeasement, surrender, and Anti-Americanism will prevail–and the terrorists will *indeed* win.

    Great as all this is, this blog stuff ain’t good enough.
    Unfortunately, I have nothing better to suggest yet.

    Anybody have any good ideas? Can anyone provide any ideas on how to go beyond the Blogosphere?

    Personally, this just ain’t good enough. Can’t more be done? This damn war is taking too long, and victory seems such a long way off. The longer it takes, the more lives that are taken, the more people who suffer, the greater will be the Idiotarian temptation…

  • don

    Just curious, you Merry Band of Anti-Statists, but who is to ‘hunt them down’ and ‘just kill them’? Using what resources? Involving what collected intelligence? Godfrey with his rusted Webley? The picture you include at the bottom of this post is an image that exists within a multi-billion dollar bureacratic context.

    The Libertarian postion is fatuous nonsense, a hobby of coddled intellectuals, dreamers, and trust-fund dilettants.

  • Peter Schiavo

    Hey Don,

    To answer your question. The organisations that existed before the Constitution and are only slightly younger than the USA. That would be the USN and the USMC. They predate the income tax, Marxism, and the welfare state.

  • Peter: Well said Peter.

    Don: there are many ‘libertarian’ positions, not just one. I am not an anarcho-libertarian, I am a minarchist, which is to say I see the only legitimate role for the state as that of ‘night watchman’… and naturally that rather prominently includes provision for a military.

  • Jay: Whilst blogging in some form has been around for quite a while, it has only really mushroomed out and across the Internet in the last year and so to suggest such an analysis of the impact of blogging is, methinks, a tad premature. I will tell you what I really think about the true impact of blogging about 5 years from now.

  • Walter E. Wallis

    I have often wondered what would happen if Congress were to offer Letters of Marque and Reprisal to private orgs to handle smaller enemies?

  • Sorry, but no ‘root cause’ can explain what happened.

    I don’t agree with a ‘just kill them’ view, but when they get caught they should be put in an Australian prison.

  • Michael Lonie

    Letters of Marque were abolished by the Treaty of London in 1856, I think, but the US never signed and ratified it so the constitution’s authorization of Congress to issue them still stands. As to what might happen, can you say “Major ‘Mad Mike’ Calvert”?

  • Andrea: this is not a ‘criminal’ matter but rather a war. Courts and prisons are simply not the appropriate response. The sort of people who do this type of thing intentionally to civilians are not afraid of lawyers or policemen or laws or courts. You cannot reason with them, or appeal to their sense of justice or to their humanity anymore than sending in police and lawyers to deal with Imperial Japan after Pearl Harbor would have been appropriate. You just kill them until there are not enough of them left to continue to attack you effectively.

  • And putting them in prison gives the world’s Loons of Compassion a chance to form fan clubs (excuse me, I mean “human rights watch groups”) to make sure that the prisoners get four-star hotel treatment and that no one ever, ever makes them (the prisoners) feel bad about themselves. Just look at the fuss over Guantanamo.

    On the other hand, the most the Loons can do with dead terrorists is make commemmorative posters and write angry letters to their local papers about “bloodthirsty Americans.”

  • Stephen St. Onge

    Yes, indeed. On THAT DAY, I e-mailed everyone I knew:


    My only regret is that we haven’t gotten them all yet.

  • Jeffersonian

    One small quibble…and I may even be completely wrong, Perry. Is NATO not yet using he new M16A2 rifle? It has a .223 round, as you may know, that will adequately pierce a turbaned cranium as well.

    And a jolly harumph for the minarchist position. It’s because the electorates of our countries ignored these issue in favor of voting itself more goodies that we have such a problem now.

  • I know, and I’m sorry, but I could never bring myself to say ‘kill them all’. I say find the people who did this and punish them, execution is probably to good for them, and I wish I had a better response, one that is more… I don’t know, reasonable or rational or makes some sort of sense, but I don’t. I’m still in the ‘denial’ phase.

  • Genie

    Rather than kill them, could we drug them, put them in $5000 Armani suits with a piece of pepperoni pizza or a bacon double cheeseburger in their hands, a Wall Street Journal in the other hand and drop them in an A-Q training camp? That would be a righteous death!

  • Matt W.

    Has any information come out yet to whether Australia is going to devote military forces to join with our own? Obviously they’re going to want to spray a little “pesticide” in Indonesia to deal with problems closer to home, but it would be interesting to see if the Australians would enter into a ground war with us in Iraq. Also, I say, instead of dressing captured Al Qeuda/Taliban terrorists in Armani suits (which would be a terrible waste of money, certainly more than they deserve) we drug them, dress them in French military uniforms and send them stumbling in the general direction of a training camp while we sit back and enjoy the spectacle. This would have the twofold positive of getting rid of unwanted baggage at camp X-Ray, and implicating the spineless and fickle French of actually doing something for a change, I wonder of they would still be concillatory if some terrorists turned the Eiffel tower into the rocket it looks like.

  • Bill OH

    Amen, kill them all and let God (or Allah, as the case may be) sort them out. Sadly, as the atrocities compound this may be the only way to ensure we get them all, and those that may follow. What amazes me is that this bunch thinks they will prevail, instead they sign their own death warrant and that of their kind.

  • Walter E. @4.58am; Michael Lonie @6.22am

    Great minds and all that; Texas Representative Ron Paul is slightly ahead of you there:
    “H.R. 3076 — September 11 Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001 and H.R. 3074 — Air Piracy Reprisal and Capture Act of 2001 introduced by Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) on October 10, 2001”

    That’d be the ticket right enough; issue such a Letter, then see who gets there first – govt. elite forces or Sandline International or similar.

    (Btw, Michael, “Mad Mike Calvert”? impressive guy, unquestionably; unconventional – but a career officer, surely? I’ll have to read up on him. Otherwise, I’d think a couple of other Mad Mikes might fit the bill, such as Mike Hoare of Congo fame, or Mike Williams of Rhodesian Grey’s Scouts.)

  • Ernie G

    My favorite quote on the subject of root causes is from David Warren’s May 11, 2002 column:

    “Real progress requires that we address root causes, which means putting bullets through the right foreheads.”

  • A_t

    Matt W… why should the Australians suddenly help to attack Iraq because of this bombing? There’s absolutely no evidence that Iraq has *anything* to do with Al Quaida or international Islamic terrorism.

    I don’t see how helping to attack Iraq would make Australians, or any other tourists, any safer in the Far East.

  • kevin

    track them down and exterminate them

  • kevin

    track them down and exterminate them