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How about a good row?

Collin May of Innocents Abroad writes:

Once again Europe demonstrates its superior sophistication in matters international. As the Telegraph reports, Europe’s foreign ministers have decided to move a meeting with the Southern African Development Community from Denmark to Mozambique. The reason for the move is simple: to accommodate the foreign minister from that pillar of humanitarianism, Zimbabwe.

EU foreign ministers were supposed to hold the meeting in Copenhagen on Nov 7 and 8. But several delegations from the 14-nation African bloc hinted that they would boycott the gathering unless the Zimbabwean government was included.

Rather inconveniently, the European Parliament passed a unanimous resolution last month demanding that Mr Mudenge, the Zimbabwe foreign minister, be banned from the meeting.

Geoffrey Van Orden, a Tory MEP and author of the resolution, called the move “an absolute affront”, saying it was yet another example of the EU’s “utter hopelessness” in sticking to a clear line in foreign policy.

“We’ve agreed to move a whole meeting to Africa to avoid an internal row within the EU over enforcement of our own sanctions policy. That’s what it amounts to”

Any chance of an explosive and fatal internal row about the whole EU? Please?!


3 comments to How about a good row?

  • Ralf Goergens

    “Any chance of an explosive and fatal internal row about the whole EU? Please?!”

    Nein! Das ist verboten! 😉

    PS: In this case at least it were the ministers, not the EU who messed up. I don’t see the 15 countries behaving much better after a hypothetical break-up.

  • There is no limit to the absurdity of these people.

  • molly

    Groan. Just when I thought they could not get any more absurd. Still, mustn’t grumble as anything so OBVIOUSLY idiotic like this just brings the day it all goes down the crapper a day closer.