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Europe ‘wants leadership from Britain’

Or so says leading New Labour talking head and failed Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson.

He says one of Europe’s “huge challenges” in the next couple of years includes “rebuilding the Atlantic alliance”. Well this is indeed a ‘European’ problem, but not a British problem. British relations with the United States and Canada are just fine, thanks… it is the governments of France and Germany which have problems with anti-Americanism at the highest levels.

At least I agree with the dismal Mandelson on one point: the need for ‘British Leadership’ in Europe. Let the nations of Europe follow Britain as it walks briskly for the door marked EXIT.


7 comments to Europe ‘wants leadership from Britain’

  • Russ Lemley

    While my response below is a touch offpoint, I thought at least I could share it. Take it or leave it.

    A few years back I read an opinion piece in Forbes by Paul Johnson, the British historian. He wrote about the possibility, albeit very remote, that Britain could join the United States. Apparently, Johnson claims that LBJ held secret negotiations with Harold Wilson about that very possibility. (Frankly, I don’t know if I can believe that, but that’s the claim.) Britain would compose of several “states” that would each have their two senators and proportionate number of representatives in the House.

    I’ve thought about that article off an on since I’ve read it. It appeals to me at a certain level, a Republic on both sides of the Atlantic. Perry, I know your ideal concept of government is a touch more, er, minimal, but think about it. If Britain actually joined the US, how the hell can the SEC, FSA, Federal Reserve, Bank of England and all of the various and sundried regulatory poobahs coordinate with one another? Would Britons stand to hear what some idiotic DC bureaucrat has to say? Likewise, the reverse? My hope would be that the regulatory burdens across this US of……whatever, would be reduced and liberty would be increased accordingly. The bureaunuts wouldn’t know what hit them!

    My excitement over this possibility, of course, is tempered by the sheer unlikelihood (?) of such a scenario, as well the fact that the bureaunuts would figure out some way to “protect” us. They all have cell phones, after all.

  • I have heard that story too but found it rather incredible… but some sort of North Atlantic Union is an idea I would love to see come about, but I am not exactly holding my breath until it happens .

  • I’m curious. Is there anything in the EU entanglement that prevents the UK from joining NAFTA?

  • David Carr


    In short, no. But an essential pre-requisite is an invitation. This would certainly set the cat among the pigeons

  • If y’all ever get around to abolishing the Labour Party and socialized medicine, maybe we’ll consider the UK’s application for US statehood.

    But then we get stuck with the Northern Ireland problem – so that’s the plan! Nice try 😉

  • John J. Coupal

    From the west side of the pond, it’s great to know that Britain is seriously questioning whether its national policies should be dictated to it from Brussels.

    I thought the world had rid itself, through a lot of pain, of several dictatorships in the last century and was not even considering forming new ones.

  • David Carr


    Judging from his speech to the Labour Party Conference, it sounds like Tony Blair is on the road to abolishing both