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What’s missing from this picture?

Not even Fox News can bring itself to cover elections properly. It seems rather silly on their part to cover the Massachusetts gubernatorial race without mentioning Libertarian Candidate Carla Howell.

They just never learn.

4 comments to What’s missing from this picture?

  • rich cook

    It does not help the Libertarian Party in the U.S. that an LP candidate in California spit on a radio show host during an interview. The LP is trying to remove the candidate from the slate and its now a big (for LP’s) pissing match. The moneyshot was the low chuckle of the announcer after he read the article. The subtext being “yeah its the Libertarians alright”. The LP in the U.S. should confine itself to working through its think tanks were it has had much more success than in political parties. Please see September’s Liberty magazine with its coverage of the LP national convention to see the depths to which the LP has sunk.

  • Dale Amon

    There are thousands of LP candidates. Some of them will be idiots. If you want to dig enough, you will find the same is true of the Demopublicans.

    There are at this time strong differences of opinion within the LP. Samizdata is “somewhat” representational of one of them in a British sort of way. Differences among libertarians are to be expected. Popes are catholic; libertarians are opinionated individualists. Nothing startling there.

    I happen to like some of the candidates we’ve got and think they are breaking through to new levels. That is my opinion; you do not share it. I write here; I’ll continue stating my opinion. That’s just the way it is.

  • Rich Cook


    What breakthrough to new levels? The LP is not even thought about in American politics. At least not seriously. The only impact Libs have had in the U.S. is through their think tanks and the ideas that come out of them. The facts are that the Libs are non players in the U.S. I’m not doing this just to dump on the LP. Only the most self deluding in the States think that the Libs politically have any impact in the U.S. That’s just the way it is.

  • Dale Amon

    To each their own opinion.