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Urgent! Carla Howell needs you to Phone and Email Right Now!

Kay Pirello from the Carla Howell team has asked for assistance from all and sundry:

NECN informed us that, although WPI invited Carla Howell to be in the gubernatorial debate on October 1st, and although she accepted their invitation, the media consortium covering the debate is now waffling and claiming the decision is up in the air.

Please contact the below people at the bottom of this email ASAP and urge them to stand by WPI’s ecision to include Carla Howell.

Below is a copy of the letter Carla Howell faxed to each of them earlier today.

If they exclude Carla Howell from this debate it will cause Carla Howell for Governor and Carla owell’s Ballot Question 1 grave damages.

Please CALL RIGHT NOW to URGE them to include Carla Howell!

Then any you can’t reach, please email your own personal message to them.

Thank you!

You might want to tell them you read it on a weblog based in Belfast, Northern Ireland – the following being Boston media and all!

Here is a list of the media consortium, the people who are involved in this decision, and their contact info:

Channel 5 – WCVB
Linda Polach
phone: 781-433-4560
email: lpolach@hearst.com

Channel 7 – WHDH
Ro Dooley, Director of Public Relations
phone: 617-725-0777
(has no email)

Channel 4 – WBZ
Bob Dumas, Managing Editor
phone: 617-787-7025
email: rdumas@boston.cbs.com

Channel 2 – WGBH
John Carroll
phone: 617-300-2527
email: john_carroll@wgbh.org

The Boston Globe
Carolyn Ryan – she is the Political Editor; not sure if involved in debate decision
phone: 617-929-3086
fax: 617-929-3186
email: c_ryan@globe.com

When you’re done calling the above, please call WPI and tell them they did the right thing including Carla Howell:

Debate contact: Jane Grant, Events Manager
phone: 508-831-5090

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